The last week and a half have been a word marathon to get to the finish line: submit the #heistclub draft by 8PM on October 31! Of course work has been kicking my ass, not to mention my own difficulties with the manuscript, so I ended up blazing through eight chapters in nine hours last Saturday to make the deadline.

I ended up canceling our weekly supermarket date (sorry kids) and went all out with a celebratory dinner afterward, but it was worth it! My wrist hurt but I felt so alive, silencing my inner editor and just letting the words flow so that I could satisfy my outline.

This week is the hard part: editing all that wordflow! Hah!

And then I\’ll be taking maybe a couple of days\’ break before diving back into the manuscript that got interrupted by #Heistclub: Takedown 3. 

(Unless mom lit gets there first.)

(And there\’s that plot bunny I posted that seems to want to jump in line of everything I\’ve got in order — wait your turn, plot bunny!)

So anyway, while I was racing to finish my manuscript, I also missed my own book launch. Yes, all six Spark Books titles were launched last October 25… and I missed it!

(It\’s a long story, but short version: trip planned way back in June, launch date hard to schedule, etc.)

So I just tracked through my fellow authors Chrissie Peria, Dawn Lanuza, Kate Evangelist and Agay Llanera\’s posts (Camilla Sisco couldn\’t make it too.) Spark Books posted these photos of the launch also. And then there are these recaps of the launch:

Mina V. Esguerra (who also hosted)
TBD Book Blog
What\’s A Geek?
Anette The Wicked
Chrissie Peria (author of The Kitchen When It Sizzles)

Congrats to my fellow authors and thank you to everyone who supported the launch of Spark Books! You can find them at any National Bookstore branch. On Instagram, readers have spotted them on the YA shelves, Romance, Pinoy — and sometimes right at the counter! So if you can\’t find them, just ask any of your friendly NBS sales staff and they\’ll point you right.

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