Update: So much stuff happened edition

So much stuff happened, you guys. It\’s kind of nuts.

Thank you sooo much to everyone who dropped by and bought books at #romanceclass booth at yesterday\’s @filreadercon! We hope you enjoy your haul and please keep on supporting homegrown authors, regardless of the genre they write. And if it isn\’t too much to ask, leave your reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, etc. Keep talking about them on your social media pages because these things help authors a huge lot! Most of them are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so reaching out to them is pretty easy. If you\’re an eBook reader or have friends who are, head them over at romanceclassbooks.com for more choices! We also hope you had so much fun (and feels!) at the #romanceclass live reading by @giogahol and @theatrachel! Did you heart take it well? 😉 By the way, the lovely booth setup was made by some authors themselves! Photos from @jotheeful
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I had a blast at the FilReadercon with the rest of the lovely #romanceclass and RWP ladies. Highlights of my day would be:

  • joining the Speed Dating event, where readers got to sit with authors and talk about what kind of books they like and what we could offer them, in 3 minute-intervals. I got a lot of interesting insights, lemme tell ya! 
  • The live reading by Gio Gahol and Rachel Coates from #romanceclass books. FEELS EXPLODING EVERYWHERE. At one point, while they were reading from Dawn Lanuza\’s The Boyfriend Backtrack, Rachel narrated a bit that asked \”Should I take his hand?\” and I was all \”Do it. DO EEEETTT.\” BTW please subscribe to the Romance Class Podcast Youtube Channel to hear more of these wonderful performances by Rachel and Gio!
  • Just hanging out with awesome authors with the same silly sense of humor, hugot and feelsplosions. Check out more recaps from Mina, Jay and Anne.
Sports discussion
We got to sit down and talk with Gabe Norwood! Too awesome!!
So every other month or so we meet and talk about our favorite books. This month, it was all about sports romances, and Gabe was kind enough to answer all our questions about the life of a pro-athlete — and yeah, that includes his love life! It was an enjoyable afternoon, crazy traffic notwithstanding. Recaps from Mina and Anne.
My TBR pile is just getting longer and longer! I have my Readercon haul and lots of new and not so new e-releases from my favorite authors, like Agay Llanera\’s This Side of Sunny (I\’m a huge fan of her Vintage Love, Once Upon A Player and my super favorite Choco Chip Hips, so excited for this!), Tessa Dare\’s Lord Dashwood Missed Out and Mina V. Esguerra\’s What You Wanted (back to the Philippines for this one!). Plus I started on Sarina Bowen\’s FREE series starter, The Year We Fell Down, and now I\’m hooked on her Ivy Years series. Blonde Date was awesome and now starting on The Year We Hid Away. WHEW. 
Takedown 3 is coming together, you guys!! I SWEAR. Sorry it\’s taking so long. Because…
Real life
It\’s the holiday season and it\’s get-togethers and shopping and cooking and decorating and putting up contingency plans at work for the lean season left, right and center. I\’ve been squeezing in writing time where I can (mostly at lunch. Hah!). I\’m so inspired lately that I feel the words just itching to flow down to paper, but where\’s a Time Turner when you need it?
So how\’s that for an update blitz? Thanks for keeping up and I\’m wishing you the loveliest Christmas season ever! 

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