Celebrating Diversity in Romance (and a giveaway!)

I\’m glad to be part of the awesome group of 31 authors celebrating diversity in Read A Romance Month! I wrote all about The Joy of Owning It – or how I\’ve come to accept, nay, CELEBRATE! my love for the romance genre. I kind of got a little forceful here, but what the hell. When you own it, you own it, right? 😀 A sample:

\”Because the more I read romance, the more subversive I feel. Those who say romance is silly, unrealistic, formulaic fluff have it backward. It is the detached male-driven narrative that dominates ‘acceptable’ forms of fiction that is tired and old.\” 


Please check out my post here and leave a comment to get the chance to win a special two-book Takedown bundle of In Too Deep and Peyton Riley! 

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