New Book Alert: Chasing Waves (plus a short excerpt)

Chasing Waves
Thirty-two-year-old Mags Abarquez is a single mom to a preschooler with golden ringlets, and by God, she is going to be good. After a lifetime of only being interested in catching the next wave, she tries out for her company’s training faculty, determined to be serious and make it work this time. The only catch? Luke, her hot, younger training mentor. With a sexy nape, a penchant for paper-thin T-shirts and a disarming smile, he’s Mags’ personal brand of kryptonite. Can she stay the course when temptation loves to banter and is so good with her son?

A contemporary romance set in the Philippines about motherhood, workplace attraction and finding that sweet spot between passion and vocation, Chasing Waves will make you swoon and smile.

OUT MAY 14, 2017. Pre-order on Amazon.


I should know better than this…
I settle on one of the long benches at the back of the store with a cup of coffee and a chocolate croissant, Auntie Tilde’s pasalubong safely deposited by my side and Magnus’s napping head curled on my lap, when I notice someone very familiar browsing through the baskets of bread. 
I can I.D. that distinctive nape (And back. Especially that flimsy T-shirt) anywhere. The nape’s owner turns and Luke’s eyes crinkle into a smile.
“Hey there!” he approaches.
“Hey yourself.”
He glances down on my table. “More Cinematic Bread?”
“Oh no.” I take a huge, flaky, chocolate-y bite. “I’m trying to unlearn that. This is simply for pleasure.”
He leans and brushes a pastry flake from the corner of my mouth. There’s a brief flare in my belly at the contact of his fingertip with my lip.
“Just out of curiosity,” I ask, a tad breathless, “how old are you?”
“Me? Twenty-seven.” He gives me a puzzled grin as he pulls a free chair to our table. The sound of the leg scraping against the tiles wakes Magnus up. His curly head pops up from under the table, rubbing his eyes with chubby paws.
Luke takes in the sudden appearance of a tiny human in stride. “Oops, sorry little guy!” He ruffles Magnus’s hair affectionately. “Is this your son?”
“The very one.”
“And how was nursery school, my man?”
Magnus’s eyes squint at him, and then back at me.
“I’m sorry,” I chuckle. “He’s not used to being sociable so soon as he wakes up.”
“You and me both, man. What’s your name?”
He clings to me but mumbles “Magnus” at the relentlessly cheery intruder.
“That’s a real nice name. Magnus. Like a king’s name.” Luke puffs out his chest and stares around the room imperiously. That gets a giggle from my son. “I bet you’re the king in your house, aren’t you?” Magnus nods shyly. “Ha! I knew it. You say the command and your mom and da–”
I shake my head, quickly and furtively. Luke glances at me, looking stricken. 


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