Out Now! One Night At The Penthouse Suite

One Night At The Penthouse Suite, book two of the One Night series, is available in various ebook retailers. It is also available in print paperback, internationally from Amazon and in the Philippines via Romanceclass books. 

Buy links:

Amazon (Createspace print edition also available)
Romanceclass Books (local print edition)
All her life, Cora Ciacho was trained by her father to be one thing: CEO of Ciacho Group, the company he built from the ground up. She assumes the role six months after he passes away, but must face new challenges: a borderline hostile board, a too-good-to-be-true investment offer, and a mother and sister who deal with their grief in different ways. Thank goodness for Stephen Cruz, the sweet, sexy man who’d rescued her from a party eight months ago and has stayed by her side ever since.

Stephen knows that he and Cora are worlds apart. He does his best even if he wonders if a worker bee like him is enough for the queen that she is. Their relationship sizzles in the bedroom, but as they go through a trial by fire, can his love overcome their challenges? Or will it fizzle as Cora tries to conquer the boardroom?

One Night At The Penthouse Suite is the second book in the One Night series, which feature high society romance tropes, HEA/HFN, and is categorized as Heat Level 3 based on the #romanceclass heat level classification on romanceclassbooks.com.

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