Love is All Around: An Alta Holiday Anthology

Woah, she lives!

It’s been six months since this blog was updated, and part of the reason why is this: I was thick into plotting, and then writing, and then re-writing my story for Alta 2, the sequel to Alta: A High Society Romance Anthology. And now, a smidge late for our original Christmas deadline but we could all use the lingering holiday feels, Love is All Around: An Alta Holiday Anthology is finally out into the world!

Take it away, blurb:

It’s the holiday season, and for the first time in a long time, the Aritzes set aside the glitter of Manila for their quieter ancestral home in Maria Grasya, Batangas. And while Mamita is ready to deck the halls (with a trick or two up her sleeve) her apos still have problems of their own, and Christmas is the last thing on their minds…

ONE FINE DATE by Carla de Guzman
Sebastian Aritz isn’t looking for love. Okay, maybe he is. But that feeling will go away. Eventually he’s going to be able to stop thinking about the one night stand he had with Rafael Mendoza. But apparently today is not going to be that day. Not when Rafael is sitting right in front of him, and ready to get to work as his video director.

Bridgette is the Aritz cousin who never causes drama. She walks the straight, narrow, and gilded path toward parental expectations she always manages to meet. Will a chance encounter with sexy cellist Jamie Rojico in a Parisian subway tempt Bridgette to indulge in a secret, hot holiday hookup before she finally comes home to Manila and resume her “saintly” persona?

ALWAYS WILL by Bianca Mori
Lucia Aritz has been roped into organizing Mamita’s Christmas Hunt extravaganza, which would be awesome, except for one tiny thing: it brings her back to Maria Grasya and into the orbit of next-door neighbor Mon Orosa. To say Lucia and Mon have ‘history’ is an understatement. But the holiday madness around the estate threatens to undo Lucia’s convictions…and it doesn’t help that Mon is all grown up, fine as hell, and wants her bad.

This 90,000 word anthology has three stories, a prologue and an epilogue. There is no need to read the first book to enjoy the second. All stories have a happily ever after guaranteed, and is categorized as Heat Level 2 and 3 (based on the #romanceclass heat level classification on

Carla, Suzette and I had a blast imagining the ancestral splendor of the Aritz estate in Maria Grasya and what our characters would do over the holidays. My story focuses on the middle child and only girl of the Carpio-Aritz clan, Lucia, she of the Hermes pajamas and sister to Tito Quinito and Chaos Demon Sebastian. I was reading a lot of hurt/comfort fic while conceptualizing this story so…feels ahoy!

I hope you all read and enjoy it! 🙂 And a belated (or extra early, depending on how you look at it) holiday to you!

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