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Series: The Takedown Trilogy

Book 3 – coming in 2015!

Book 2

Peyton Riley

Not to get Liam Neeson on your asses, but the fact is that Peyton Riley has a very specific skill set. She\’s good at her job and has just gotten off a major project when she crosses paths with the gorgeous snake-in-the-grass calling himself Carson Varis. He\’s taken her against her will, but to where, and to what end? She\’s got days to figure this out and escape–before her boss finds out where his favorite specialist has disappeared.

Carson Varis has got an eye for art and a mania for professionalism. No one does work-life balance like he does. But a certain fiery redhead has gotten his goals in a twist. He has his employer\’s order to fulfill, but can\’t get the memory of her body (and her hair, and her deep blue eyes, and oh, that mouth) out of the way. Can he get it together and pull off a job well done?

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Book 1

In Too Deep

A private island….an exclusive guest list…a hot, friendly guy who\’s more than willing to have that proverbial summer fling…it\’s the perfect getaway. Or is it?

Mary Shaw works hard and plays harder. Off a difficult project that doesn\’t go quite according to plan, she heads off on a solitary vacation to recharge her nerves and get things together. That there\’s a dimpled man-candy who wants to take things up a sexy notch? Perfect bonus. But all is not what it seems, and the things that Mary seeks to escape have a way of catching up with her.

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Tame the Kitten
Spark Books print edition

Kit Torres can\’t believe her awful luck when she\’s assigned to babysit a motorcycling superstar for her boss. But sexy sparks fly when he teaches her all about the finer aspects of control. Can Kit keep her cool when the race starts to heat up?

Fab Magnani lives on the edge of disaster — he makes a good living out of it as a pro racer. Will his instincts for squeezing out of danger serve him when he comes face to face with an Puerto Rican spitfire who takes an instant dislike to him?

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Print edition now available from Spark Books at your nearest National Bookstore!
One Night at the Palace Hotel
One night can bring the past roaring back to life… 
It\’s the night before The Palace Hotel opens, and the entire city is abuzz with what everyone is calling a throwback to the Gilded Age. Everyone, that is, except Consuelo de la Red. Faced with a destiny picked out for her and a past she just can\’t forget, she confronts the choices she has made and the man she was forced to reject. When the past comes crashing into the present, will she listen to her duty or give into the urging of her heart?
Also featured in: Seduction Steamy Reads bundle (Buqo)

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