In Too Deep is #FREE on Amazon – October 9. Reviews welcome!

Book 1 of the Takedown Trilogy
A private island….an exclusive guest list…a hot, friendly guy who\’s more than willing to have that proverbial summer fling…it\’s the perfect getaway. Or is it? 

Mary Shaw works hard and plays harder. Off a difficult project that doesn\’t go quite according to plan, she heads off on a solitary vacation to recharge her nerves and get things together. That there\’s a dimpled man-candy who wants to take things up a sexy notch? Perfect bonus. But all is not what it seems, and the things that Mary seeks to escape have a way of catching up with her.

Free: October 9 on Amazon. Link here

In Too Deep is the first of the Takedown Trilogy (the second, Peyton Riley, was released on September 5 AND will be free on October 15-16, so start grabbing them while they\’re free so you can start the series!). Originally written for the Love\’s A Beach anthology, this was my first attempt at the romance-suspense genre. And I have to say it was a gamble! Some early readers were expecting a straightforward beach romance and were taken aback by the suspense elements and the cliffhanger. But then I got some encouraging feedback from reviewers who got what I was going for — that whole smash of all the elements of romance that I love (the heat! the attraction!) with the addictive qualities of mysteries and heist fiction/movies that I also cannot get enough of.

I really believe that there\’s a reader for every writer. Just as I enjoy twists and turns and difficult MCs beyond a straightforward HEA, I\’m sure there are others who like this just as much, too. But here\’s the thing — I need your help to reach them. An indie author\’s readership grows best through word of mouth. If you could share that this free promo, post a review, get the word out — that would be so, so awesome and you would have my undying love. And in return, I\’ll love you back: Let me know which of my books, or any one book in this catalog that you want, and I \’ll send it your way. Yay? YAY!

Email me at thebiancamori {at} gmail {dot} com if you\’re in!

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