Scorched Earth launches; plus: a playlist!

Scorched Earth is finally out into the world, woot! Liana Smith Bautista of Will Read For Feels has the scoop. Check out the release day post to read her review. (I AM SO KILIG I SWEAR). The review also has my Scorched Earth playlist – featuring some oldies like Gang of Four along with new discoveries like Jungle – and this Guest Post:

It’s funny to think that this whole thing started out with a simple prompt to write a steamy romance set in a beach. Little did I know it would snowball into this crazy story with trips to a fictitious Pacific Island and all around Europe, assumed identities, art heists, double-crosses and even a love triangle. Getting to ‘The end’ wasn’t easy. Fleshing out the outline felt less like beefing up a skeleton and more of trying to write myself out of a hedge maze. 

Read the rest of the piece over at Will Read For Feels!

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