August is Takedown month (And also Snakehead month!)

Guys. GUYS! I\’ve bit the bullet. The PRINT bullet!

Yep, that\’s right! All three Takedown books in one paperback! Smashwords links will be available on August 21.

You can win a signed copy of the Takedown paperback by joining the Takedown Trilogy blog tour. One lucky blogger and reader will be picked for this prize. (International bloggers / readers will get the trilogy in their preferred ebook format.) The blog tour will run from August 15-21, so sign up now!

#Heistclub books will be available soon at The Craft Central at Greenbelt 5

Crime fiction enthusiasts, you can get your fix of independent, local Pinoy crime reads soon at the Craft Central at Greenbelt! I\’ll be planning another giveaway for this, so stay tuned!

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