Raffle for the Takedown Trilogy blog tour

The Takedown Trilogy blog tour happens today August 15 – 21. You can win a signed copy of the paperback – the very first time all three takedown books are available in print – just by joining the blog tour raffle. Join below!

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8 thoughts on “Raffle for the Takedown Trilogy blog tour

  1. I really don't watch suspense movie because I'm a scaredy cat. So I have no favorite suspense movie. Haha. Anyway, I'd like to ask what inspired you in writing this book? And among the books in this trilogy, what book did you have a hard time writing?


  2. Hi Alyssa! Thanks for your comment! I love suspense movies / thrillers and heists, but I also love romance. And I always thought that these suspense movies would be so cool if they had a deep element of romance. 🙂 Even better if the movie hero was actually a woman! And that's what inspired me to create that own story.


  3. Suspense Movie? OMG NERVE! Which kinda reminds me of Pokemon Go since almost all are on their phones except no one is doing a dare and no one is watching the other besides asking what pokemon the found. HAHA!


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