NEW BOOK ALERT Alta: A High Society Romance Anthology

Pre-order Alta: A High Society Romance Anthology (launching October 31, 2019) at You’re invited to the most awaited party of the century! Climb up the dizzying altitude of Manila’s high society where the air is never thin enough, the view is always spectacular, if a bit vertigo-inducing, and the summit is crowded with well-heeledContinue reading “NEW BOOK ALERT Alta: A High Society Romance Anthology”

New Book Alert: Chasing Waves (plus a short excerpt)

Chasing Waves Thirty-two-year-old Mags Abarquez is a single mom to a preschooler with golden ringlets, and by God, she is going to be good. After a lifetime of only being interested in catching the next wave, she tries out for her company’s training faculty, determined to be serious and make it work this time. TheContinue reading “New Book Alert: Chasing Waves (plus a short excerpt)”

Get my print books from Bookbed

I\’m an indie author and publisher, and while all my books are available online, I also prep actual, printed, physical books. These are ~artisanal~ (lol), done in small batches and with minute flaws to make you appreciate their authenticity. Ha! Usually you can get these books at #romanceclass live events, like #AprilFeelsDay (on April 30,Continue reading “Get my print books from Bookbed”

February is here and so am I (events!)

And when it rains (romance) in February, it pours! Let me tell you where I\’ll be this month and I hope to see you there? February 18, 2PM – #NBSFeelsCafe Join me and other Sparks Books authors for book signing and chika at Shangri-La Plaza! (Bring your copies of Tame The Kitten!) February 19, 3PM,Continue reading “February is here and so am I (events!)”

Make My Wish Come True: A #romanceclass Christmas anthology

Make My Wish Come True A #romanceclass Christmas Anthology Romance, Short StoriesPrint Release Date: December 10, 2016 Get ready for feels this holiday season with MakeMy Wish Come True, a Christmas anthology by #romanceclass authors. Join a Kris Kringle and receive the perfect gift, or learn how to survive your first Christmas in Manila andContinue reading “Make My Wish Come True: A #romanceclass Christmas anthology”

Free book alert: Scorched Earth (October 21-22)

Peyton Riley is running for her life. She\’s always been a survivor, but she\’s never been in a pickle like this. Her boss, the man she had come to fear and respect, and the only constant in her peripatetic and dangerous life, is after her–and it doesn\’t seem like he intends a harmless catch-up. But he\’sContinue reading “Free book alert: Scorched Earth (October 21-22)”

Smashwords editions of The Takedown Trilogy

Not on Amazon? No problem. You can now get all three Takedown books via Smashwords, which supports epub, mobi (Kindle), pdf, lrf, pdb and txt formats.  Get In Too Deep, Peyton Riley and Scorched Earth for whatever ebook reader / platform you choose — iBooks, Kobo, your phone…go! 🙂 You can also order the printContinue reading “Smashwords editions of The Takedown Trilogy”

Manila International Book Fair 2016

#romanceclass #StrangeLit #HeistClub A photo posted by Mina V. Esguerra (@minavesguerra) on Sep 12, 2016 at 9:42pm PDT Feeling awesome because of  #MIBF2016, the Manila International Book Fair! BDAP offered Indie publishers a booth this year where you can buy #romanceclass (romance, duh), #heistclub (crime) and #strangelit (paranormal / strange) self-published books — and theContinue reading “Manila International Book Fair 2016”

Takedown Trilogy: Blog Tour and raffle WINNERS!

The Takedown Trilogy blog tour ran from August 15 to 21 to spread the word about its independent paperback super edition and wide release in other ebook platforms.  Gette G. aka Pinay Nobelista, asked me this: What is the best part of being a romance author?It’s a powerful thing, being able to evoke powerful feelingsContinue reading “Takedown Trilogy: Blog Tour and raffle WINNERS!”