The Backlist Revival Project: One Night At The Palace Hotel

It\’s the night before The Palace Hotel opens, and the entire city is abuzz with what everyone is calling a throwback to the Gilded Age. Everyone, that is, except Consuelo De la Red. Faced with a destiny picked out for her and a dream she just can\’t forget, she confronts the choices she has madeContinue reading “The Backlist Revival Project: One Night At The Palace Hotel”

Update: So much stuff happened edition

So much stuff happened, you guys. It\’s kind of nuts. Thank you sooo much to everyone who dropped by and bought books at #romanceclass booth at yesterday\’s @filreadercon! We hope you enjoy your haul and please keep on supporting homegrown authors, regardless of the genre they write. And if it isn\’t too much to ask,Continue reading “Update: So much stuff happened edition”

Writerly thoughts: When writing knocks you off balance (#Heistclub)

I started this post in Facebook and realized I wouldn\’t have enough space to go at it, so: Writerly confession time:I shifted to writing romance in my mid-20s because that was the time when I no longer wrote as therapy. Prior to my first book (published in my real name), I wrote to work throughContinue reading “Writerly thoughts: When writing knocks you off balance (#Heistclub)”

#Free this week: PEYTON RILEY (Takedown book 2)

Peyton Riley – Book 2 of the Takedown TrilogyFREE on Amazon: October 15 and 16Not to get Liam Neeson on your asses, but the fact is that Peyton Riley has a very specific skill set. She\’s good at her job and has just gotten off a major project when she crosses paths with the gorgeousContinue reading “#Free this week: PEYTON RILEY (Takedown book 2)”

Read an excerpt from In Too Deep (free today!)

Stressed out over a recently completed monster of a project? Mary Shaw feels you. All she wants to do is go on a vacation on a deserted-ish island and be alone. Maybe not so alone: cute guy alert! Brown curls, luscious lips and eyes you can drown in? Yes please! But all is not whatContinue reading “Read an excerpt from In Too Deep (free today!)”

In Too Deep is #FREE on Amazon – October 9. Reviews welcome!

Book 1 of the Takedown TrilogyA private island….an exclusive guest list…a hot, friendly guy who\’s more than willing to have that proverbial summer fling…it\’s the perfect getaway. Or is it? Mary Shaw works hard and plays harder. Off a difficult project that doesn\’t go quite according to plan, she heads off on a solitary vacation toContinue reading “In Too Deep is #FREE on Amazon – October 9. Reviews welcome!”